From the recording FROM THE FOREST

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Snowball - Decent - Lift-off

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Music And Lyrics Liam Pek
Blue Music Canada
©Blue Sound (SOCAN)


Take a breath before you speak
No mistakes that you can stall
I suggest you make another snowball of it all
You know just as well as I
That your dreams are bound to fall
If I were you I'd make another snowball of it all
Seasons come and seasons go
No one but you would chase them though Maybe out running them will slow them down Maybe at last you’d lose your frown
It's your turn to chose this time
It's up to you to make the call
That unless you’d rather make a snowball of it all
You are wasting precious time
All your sorrows growing tall
And in the end you run your snowball up against the wall
Please please de believe me when I show These needs will never fade I know
Whatever happens never let go of my hand I’ll try to keep you breathing
Fading away as long as you say those words that hide under the water
I see my own lift off far above
Coming down
to fall in love
But I must go back through the clouds